Nissan is planning  12-14 exclusive sales outlets for Infiniti in Germany when it launches a the end of next year.

In an interview with Automobilwoche, head of Infiniti Europe, Jim Wright, said that Infiniti is not aiming for high sales volumes, but rather to establish the brand by creating an exceptional selling environment and superior customer service.

Wright said that showrooms will have the atmosphere of a modern hotel, and that people will go there because they feel good there.

Inifiniti dealerships will not be paired with Nissan dealerships, as is the case with Lexus and Toyota, although Nissan dealers will not be excluded from being able to sell Infiniti cars, as long as the brand's exclusivity is protected.

The sales outlets in Germany will mainly be in large cities and so that the low number of dealerships is not a potential disadvantage for customers, Infiniti is planning a 'total ownership experience' (TOE) concept. This might mean, for example, a collection and return service for cars being serviced.

Across Europe there will be no separate national importers. Sales will be coordinated centrally by Infiniti Europe in Switzerland. By 2013 each west European Infinit outlet should be selling around 500 cars a year. Russia will remain an exception. Last year Infiniti sold 7,000 cars from just three dealerships there.