Infiniti launches its new 2003 G35 sports sedan with a big US advertising campaign that is part of the bigger effort to position Infiniti more effectively in North America as a premium brand. Nissan's luxury brand increased its US light vehicle sales by almost 20 percent to 5,912 units in 2001, but is still some way below the levels achieved by Lexus (22,203 sales in 2001) Acura (14,663 unit sales).

The introductory piece for G35, entitled "Anthem," kicks off the television campaign on March 22nd. It draws upon visions of the automotive future made famous by Popular Science Magazine articles and concept show cars from the past. This spot shows consumers what the future of Infiniti will look like. "We are in the process of delivering the type of vehicles we used to dream about," said Steve Wilhite, vice president of marketing, Infiniti. "The G35 is the first of four new Infinitis consumers will see in the next nine months."

The second spot, titled "Heart" will air beginning April 1. This piece utilizes the concept of thermal imaging to showcase the passion and enthusiasm of driving a G35. It begins with a man starting his G35, the thermal imaging shows the cooled engine turning red as it heats up, simultaneously his heart begins to glow red as he hears the car come alive. The voiceover ends with: "introducing the 260-horsepower adrenaline pump." This spot defines Infiniti as a company that builds vehicles for driving enthusiasts.

The final spot, titled "Hand" will also air beginning April 1. It emphasises the importance of the G35's new platform and aerodynamic qualities. This ad shows a woman with her hand out of the window playing with the wind. As she moves her hand in different angles the wind either moves effortlessly over her hand or pushes it back harshly. The G35's underbody airflow has been optimally controlled by positioning the muffler, fuel tank and other key components so they direct air movement rather than obstruct it.

The shape of the lower front bumper and front engine edge cover increases airflow speed, then diffuses the compressed (speeded up) airflow at the rear area of the engine cover. The flat floor layout combines with rear deflectors, rear diffusers and a specially shaped spare tire panel to repeat the diffusion action so that airflow is controlled under the floor and ultimately released at the rear edge of the spare tire panel. The payoff of all these efforts is, according to Infiniti, zero lift. "We wanted to show consumers the benefits of this remarkable technology in a simple understandable way. Who hasn't put their hand out a window and played with the wind? What a perfect way to learn about aerodynamics and the importance of making wind your friend. It's a simple spot that shows the emotional connection between a great car and people who love to drive," said Wilhite.

As well as the new ad campaign other Infiniti initiatives include Internet activity enhancements and targeted regional marketing activities. The ad campaign includes television, print, outdoor and interactive advertising. Advertising has been created by Infiniti's agency, TBWA/Chiat/Day, based in Playa del Rey, Calif.