Infineon claims that a recently published study confirms the company's strong position in the automotive electronic chips sector. The study by the American market research firm, Strategy Analytics said that in the year 2001 Infineon Technologies was the number two supplier of automotive semiconductor products, with a 7.9% share of the global market.

Infineon was ranked as the number one supplier of automotive semiconductors in Europe, supplying approximately one sixth of all chips in the segment. According to Strategy Analytics, Infineon has a 14.7% share of European segment revenue of U.S. $4.2 billion.

New model sales and increased electronics in vehicles drove 6.2% growth of the European automobiles chip market in 2001, and Infineon's share of this growth was 13.8%.

"Due to declining worldwide new car sales and the intense accompanying pressure on prices, the global automobile market did not grow as steadily as in previous years," said Chris Webber, Vice President of Automotive Electronics & Telematics at Strategy Analytics. "Infineon's extensive product range combined with its close links to key automotive electronic vendors, positioned the company to considerably increase its market share, particularly in the areas of semiconductors and engine and transmission control applications."

"Infineon has more than 25 years' experience in automobile electronics. Based on our comprehensive, in-depth knowledge of automotive systems, we offer easy-to-integrate chips and chipsets, enabling our customers to implement innovative in-car applications," comments Dr. Reinhard Ploss, chief executive officer of the Automotive and Industrial business group at Infineon Technologies. "Our goal is to expand our leading position in Europe, and at the same time, we will press ahead with our commitment in key automobile markets such as the USA and Japan."