Germany's Federal Cartel Authority has authorised the takeover of IMA Automation Amberg by Preh.

As already announced, the 250 IMA employees are being taken over by Preh, while the IMA site in Amberg is also being retained.

"We aim to write a successful growth story in the automation sector," said Preh CEO, Michael Roesnick.

"To do so, we will expand and continue internationalising both the traditional market segments of PIA and the activities of IMA. In particular in China, we see great potential for the product portfolio of PIA and IMA because there, too, competitiveness can only be ensured in the long term by accelerated expansion of industrial automation."

Within the Preh Group, the product divisions Preh Innovative Automation and IMA Automation will be integrated for the future in the joint company Preh IMA Automation GmbH. The products will be marketed under the PIA brand.