Iran Khodro (IKCO) will begin exporting its newly introduced car, Runna, to Turkey by July, according to the firm's Turkish distributor.

The Runna was rolled out by IKCO in Tehran earlier this month.

The Anatolia news agency quoted MYS Otomotiv manager Yigit Seskir as saying that the new Iranian car would be offered with different options and engines in Turkey.

Iran Khodro already exports the country's first national vehicle, Samand, to countries such as Turkey, Belarus, Russia, Syria, Tajikistan and Venezuela.

ICKO has said the Runna is built on a platform, "the intellectual property of which belongs to IKCO".

The automaker also says the Runna is the first Iranian car to meet pedestrian impact standards based on European directive 2003/102/EC and that the Runna can meet Euro IV and V pollution standards.

Engine options will include 1.6 litre petrol, 1.7 litre CNG and diesel units. IKCO said it planned to offer the diesel version in "global markets with demand for such cars".

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