Hyundai is heading into a whole new niche it has invented with its Veloster sports coupe – calling it a 'PUV' or 'premium unique vehicle'.

Korea seems to have jumped on this bandwagon - Chevrolet Korea is insisting the Orlando seven-seater is an 'active life vehicle' rather than an MPV/people carrier/minivan. Hmmm.

Hyundai has also launched a new marketing programme for the Veloster designed to attract younger motorists.

A new branding scheme will be called Premium Youth Lab and the Veloster and future vehicles with similarly unique design concepts will be marketed under the scheme offering specialised services for buyers.

Hyundai has released limited information about the Veloster’s engine and features ahead of launch in South Korea next month.

It has one door on the driver’s side, and two on the passenger side, a break away from the company’s traditional designs. It will be powered by a 140hp 1.6 litre petrol engine.

The Veloster was launched at the Detroit show in January and the company said the car will come with a number of high tech safety and convenience features including vehicle dynamic control and tyre pressure monitoring systems.