Hyundai is delivering 50 ix35 Fuel Cell vehicles to the Linde Group in Munich, laying the foundation for what is claimed to be the world's first hydrogen powered zero-emission car sharing service, BeeZero which starts operations in mid-July.

Launched by a newly founded subsidiary, Linde Hydrogen Concepts, BeeZero will bring together the two mobility trends of car sharing and zero emissions.

Linde board member Christian Bruch said: "Hydrogen technology can be a substantial part of future mobility. We want to gain practical insights in day-to-day operations and jointly build this future. We expect BeeZero to stimulate both the further development of our hydrogen technologies as well as a hydrogen infrastructure build-up."

The BeeZero car sharing service will operate on a zone-based model. The  ix35s will be available in the centre of Munich and other places around the city which have hydrogen re-fuelling stations. As with conventional car sharing services, they can be booked online or via a smartphone app.

The ix35 Fuel Cell can travel about 600km (350 miles) on a single hydrogen fill. About 250 vehicles are now on the road in 13 European countries.