Honda's power steering and fuel pump-related vehicle recalls - first announced in China - have reached the Japanese domestic market.

According to Reuters, Japan's second-biggest auto maker said on Thursday it would recall more than 390,000 vehicles in Japan due to faulty components in the fuel pump and oil feed pipe. Honda reportedly said it would also fix the hydraulic pump in more than 290,000 Odyssey and Elysion models, boosting the total cost of repair to about JPY5bn yen ($US43m).

Honda told the news agency the defect in the fuel pump could cause the engine to stop and fail to restart, although no accidents stemming from the trouble have been reported. The 13 models subject to the recall of 298,231 units include Accord, Civic, Civic hybrid, Odyssey, Life and Fit (Jazz) manufactured between April and October 2005.

The company has already announced the recall of more than 200,000 vehicles in overseas markets due to the same fuel pump defect, Reuters noted.

In another case, Honda will recall 96,061 units of Vamos and Vamos Hobio models made between January 2000 and March 2007 because of a faulty oil feed pipe that could start a fire and burn engine components. Two cases of fire have been reported due to the defect, Reuters said.