Harman International Industries says it has acquired iOnRoad Technologies, based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

IOnRoad develops vehicle safety systems also known as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), including the iOnRoad augmented reality driving app. IOnRoad technology does not require dedicated hardware and runs on a variety of software platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux.

Harman demonstrated the integration of iOnRoad into its infotainment platforms at CES 2013 and plans to embed the features of its algorithms in the heads-up display on both scalable and premium platforms.

IOnRoad's app will continue to be sold as an Android app on Google Play and as an iOS app through Apple iTunes.

"As our cars become more connected to the world around us, advanced safety solutions are critical to drivers," said Harman chairman, president and CEO, Dinesh Paliwal. "Harman's next generation in-vehicle infotainment technology platforms are designed to be smarter and have more responsive control systems, particularly in an advanced head-up display.

"IOnRoad provides an opportunity for us to leverage our installed base of more than 15m vehicles and provide technology systems and services to more customers."