Russian car imports rose 27.3% year on year to 432,000 units in January-June, the Federal Customs Service said on Tuesday.

The imports were worth $US5.068bn in the period, the service added, according to Prime-Tass.

Car imports from countries outside the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) rose 25.2% to 387,300 units and were worth $4.776bn, the service said.

Truck imports totalling 23,100 units were worth $397.8 million, the service said.

Non-CIS truck imports totalled 22,600 and were worth $390.2m, the service said.

Car exports of 56,700 units were worth $302m, including shipments to CIS countries, which totalled 46,600 units worth $252.1m.

Truck exports of 19,700 units were worth $232.1m, and 2,300 worth $49.7m went to non-CIS countries.

Last year, Russia's car exports were flat at 127,000 units, while truck exports increased to 45,700 units from 42,900 units in 2004.

Car imports soared 47.3% year on year to 773,700 vehicles in 2005, while truck imports rose to 41,100 vehicles from 30,300 vehicles in 2004.