The Colombian ministries of economy and environment have approved the reduction of import tariffs on electric and hybrid vehicles (and recharging points) over the next three years. 

This measure will cover 750 electric vehicles and 100 recharging points a year without tariffs, no matter the segment (passenger cars, SUVs, buses, trucks, etc). It also includes 750 plug-in hybrids with combustion engines of less than three litres, but, in that case, tariffs will be reduced from 35% to 5%.

The vehicle and its recharging device must not cost more than US$52,000 FOB to be included.

A previous concession permitted the import of just 100 green vehicles a year and no car brand bothered.

It also paves the road for the Renault-Codensa-EPM alliance (the automaker, a private electricity distribution company and the Medellín city utility) to begin to sell electric cars at least in that city.