China aims to export as much as $US100 billion in cars and vehicle parts a year by 2010, more than 20 times last year's figure, state media reportedly said.

"Our short-term goal is to increase automobile and component exports to $15 billion to $20 billion next year," the China Daily quoted Vice Minister of Commerce Wei Jianguo as saying, according to Reuters.

China's automotive exports rose more than a third last year to $4.7 billion, with $400 million of that coming from sales of whole vehicles, the newspaper reportedly said, adding that Wei said that, by 2010, China would export $70 billion to $100 billion worth of cars and components.

"China is likely to become the component supply centre for international auto manufacturers in the future," Wei reportedly said.

He reportedly added, without details, that the Chinese government would encourage the development of as many as 10 large-scale "automobile and component exporting bases" and allow mergers and acquisitions to create big multinational companies.