General Motors do Brasil is recalling 487,439 previous-generation Chevrolet Corsa range models to repair a problem with the rear wheels, writes Rogério Louro.

Tests conducted by GM showed that some external rear wheel roller bearings can deteriorate and loosen the wheel.

The recall affects the Brazilian-made Corsa hatchback and sedan models produced between October 1999 and January 2002 and the unique pick-up derivative made until March this year.

In total, 355,723 units of the faulty Corsa were sold in Brazil while a further 131,716 were exported but GM do Brasil isn't saying which countries received the models with the potential problems.

The company exported the previous generation Corsa to China, South Africa and Venezuela and began shipping CKD assembly kits to India at the beginning of the year.

GM says it has received no reports of accidents related to the faulty bearings.
GM do Brasil previously recalled 1.1 million Corsas during 2000 to repair a seat-belt fault.