General is reducing output at its Figueralas plant in Zaragoza, Spain, as markets slow.

"There will be a two-day technical stoppage in September as well as a four-day break in October to reduce output in line with demand," a plant spokeswoman said.

The closure will reduce production by around 12,000 units.

GM currently employs about 7,500 people to build around 2,000 Corsa, Combo and Meriva models daily. Combo production was transferred from a now-closed, smaller plant in Portugal around two years ago.

Figuerelas exports 90% of its production, a record of 486,000 units last year.

New car sales in Spain plunged 19.2% in the first seven months of the year and local reports, as yet unconfirmed by local auto trade group Anfac, said August sales fell almost 40%.