General Motors has filed a proxy statement for its 2014 annual meeting of stockholders with the US Securities and Exchange Commission and announced the nomination of UAW vice president Joe Ashton to its board.

Ashton, designated for nomination to the GM board by the UAW Retiree Medical Benefits Trust, or VEBA, plans to retire from his current position in June following the UAW constitutional convention. If elected, he will begin his board term in August.

Steve Girsky, formerly GM vice chairman, was previously designated for nomination to the GM board by the VEBA Trust and has served as a director since the new company began operations in July 2009. GM's board nominated him to remain a director.

GM chairman, Tim Solso said: "Joe brings a wealth of knowledge from his work across many industries, especially his deep understanding how labour strategy can contribute to a company's success. Steve has 25 years of experience in the automotive sector and has served the GM board well. Because of his extensive experience with the company, his expertise will continue to be invaluable to GM."

Ashton and Girsky will stand for election at GM's annual meeting of stockholders, which will be held on 10 June at global headquarters in the Renaissance Centre in Detroit.

Ashton, who joined the UAW in 1969, has been a member of the UAW International staff since 1986, serving in a variety of management roles.

He is executive vice president of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Executive Council, executive vice president of the New Jersey AFL-CIO and a former director of the Western New York Federal Reserve Bank.

The election of the board's list of nominees would bring the count to 12 members, 10 of whom are non-employee directors.