The OnStar operation at GMs Renaissance Center headquarters in Detroit (Photo: Graeme Roberts/

The OnStar operation at GM's Renaissance Center headquarters in Detroit (Photo: Graeme Roberts/

General Motors has temporarily stopped the sale of eight 2013 models to fix a software problem affecting the vehicles' OnStar communication system.

Around 60,000 affected cars are with US dealers and they should be repaired by early next week, GM spokesman Alan Adler told Reuters. The affected models are the Chevrolet Cruze, Equinox and Volt, Cadillac XTS, ATS and SRX, Buick Verano and GMC Terrain.

OnStar is in-vehicle software which connects drivers to live operators who can provide directions or summon emergency help after an accident. If a car is hit, the crash response system is supposed to automatically contact an operator who then calls the vehicle. However, the company could not obtain a response during tests.

A software glitch prevented the affected cars from sending alerts after crashes which do not cause the airbag to deploy. The problem does not occur in more severe crashes that trigger the airbags, Adler added. The issue also does not affect the airbags themselves.