General Motors is recalling around three million Opel and Vauxhall-badged Corsa hatchbacks, Tigra coupes and Corsa and Combi vans that may have faulty seats and seatbelts.

The front seat rails may allow the seat to shoot forward if the vehicle stops suddenly and faulty seat belt buckles could break.

Owners should contact their dealers for further information, GM said.

Corsas, Tigras and Corsa-based Combo vans built between 1993 and 2000 are affected, though not the latest Corsa, which went on sale in the autumn.

A GM spokesman said there were cases where the parts had broken but no injuries directly resulted.

About three million cars and vans are affected, including 900,000 in Germany and 586,000 in the U.K., GM said, while declining to name suppliers involved or estimate the cost of the recall.

However, a source said it should be less than the cost of an Astra recall about two years ago.