Drivers in Europe will become better connected on the move within the next two to three years as technology already introduced in the US moves across the Atlantic.

Steve Girsky, president of GM Europe, said, from next year, all of General Motors' new models in the US will be 4G connected via the company's OnStar telematics and communications system.

OnStar has been around for some years and allows drivers to communicate with emergency services and relay problems to GM's dealers. This is now becoming more advanced in terms of connectivity.

Girsky said: "This technology will come to Europe because it is what people are demanding. The way people view cars is starting to change - 16-year old kids in the US are not going into the dealers all starry-eyed anymore. They want more from their mobility, most importantly connectivity."

The car will be less about transport and aspiration and more about staying connected, he added. "Young people are car sharing, renting or hiring cars rather than buying; they want different vehicles depending on what they are doing. GM is moving with the times."