Non-resident Indians (NRIs) living abroad can now gift Maruti cars to friends and relatives back home following the launch of a unique programme, called Dil Se or, "straight from the heart".

NRIs can place an order online following a deal with Citicorp Maruti Finance Limited, a joint car finance venture between the car maker and bank.

Maruti Udyog managing director Jagdish Khattar said: "Several NRIs have contacted us to say they want to gift a car to a relative here but do not have an easy and transparent way to do it. Dil Se will meet that need."

NRIs can monitor every stage of the transaction online under Dil Se from car ordering to delivery.

A car can be gifted for as little as $US99 a month for an Alto, paid over five years.

Other benefits include a special discount, home delivery of the car and priority, priority service collection and return for the first two years, and discounts on labour and accessories.

Maruti has previously launched special car buying schemes for school teachers, state government employees, insurance companies and students.