Renault and Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn said in an interview with newspaper Le Monde that a proposed alliance with General Motors would be 'an enormous opportunity.'

But he ruled out a hostile approach to GM if a tie-up does not result from talks between the companies, an AFX News report noted.

Ghosn said GM will either seize the opportunity or decide it is not worth the trouble, but noted that for Renault 'an alliance with GM is not an obligation.'

If an alliance does result, however, it would be necessary to take a stake in GM, Ghosn reportedly said. He ruled out zero participation 'because if an agreement seems informal, it won't last. Financial participation is a sort of obligation.'

According to AFX News, he said the absolute priority for both Renault and Nissan is to achieve their targets, and they need to determine whether an alliance with GM could accelerate the process.