Union leaders at Hyundai Motor have threatened to strike again unless the company gives into their wage demands.

According to Asia Pulse around 45,000 workers at Hyundai plants in South Korea have temporarily walked out of their jobs for a total of ten days since early July. They have been demanding more pay, better working conditions and more say in management decisions.

A pay deal was rejected on September 5th, the first time in six years the union had voted against a deal with the company.

"Unless the management presents an offer that fully gives in to our demands, we will fight it out regardless of time," the union said.

According to the news agency, there have been 26 meetings between Hyundai and its union. Negotiations are due to resume next week.

Local news reports suggest that there is in-fighting between different factions in the union's leadership.

The rejected offer included a 5.6% pay increase and a bonus bonus of three million won (US$2,700) and a further three months' salary. Unions are demanding a 8.9% pay increase. In addition Hyundai agreed to end the all-night shift system, which will mean a 250,000 unit cut in capacity.

Hyundai has lost the production of over 42,000 vehicles because of strikes so far this year, and has delayed the launch of its Genesis coupe in South Korea.