Following the recently announced purchase of Ishino Gasket Manufacturing Company, Ltd. by NOK Corp. of Japan, Freudenberg-NOK and Ishino Gasket will form Ishino Gasket North America, a 50/50 joint venture that will be headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan. The new joint venture will begin operations this month.

Ishino Gasket Manufacturing Company is a key supplier to the Japanese automotive industry of cylinder head and exhaust manifold gaskets. Established in 1923 and headquartered in Tokyo, Ishino Gasket does its primary manufacturing in Kikugawa, Japan.

The addition of Ishino gasket technology to that of Freudenberg and Meillor is claimed to give the Freudenberg & NOK Group world-class capability in multi layer steel cylinder head and exhaust manifold gasket design and manufacturing.

This technology combination rounds out the global group's in-house capability for total engine sealing and ensures that the group can fully meet all of its customers' total engine sealing needs in all the major vehicle-producing regions of the world.