France's Environment Ministry is denying reports it had left out any information surrounding emissions testing following speculation circulating this week.

"France is the only country to have put in place an open and independent Commission following the Volkswagen revelations,," noted a statement from the Environment Ministry.

To back its stance, the Ministry points to its inquiry launched late last year, with input from France's General Directorate for competition, consumption and anti-fraud, to examine testing procedures.

Renault has this week insisted it works closely with the authorities.

"As to Renault, the only commentary we are making is to report our vehicles are not equipped with defeat devices," a Renault spokesman told just-auto from Paris. "We have fully cooperated with the authorities and give every technical explanation with the French Commission.

"There was a report last April in the UK and Germany and in every country we cooperate.

"Every time we have had questions asked, we have responded to them and have made available all technical explications."

The Ministry's report details real-time test data from 86 vehicles and has recommended more stringent emissions standards for all cars, as well as asking for these to be implemented at European Union level.

The inquiry also urges more low-carbon vehicle purchases as well as implementing measures to make diesel less attractive as a fuel and better consumer education.