Four major Japanese car makers on Wednesday reported increased global production in March from growing demand, but only Mitsubishi Motors Corp. suffered a drop in last year's output, according to The Associated Press.

Toyota boosted its worldwide production 10.1% year on year to 692,678 vehicles while its domestic production rose 9.2% to 386,677 vehicles in March - the third straight month of increases, the report said. Fiscal year to March 31 output was 6.876 million vehicles, up 9.2% from the previous financial year.

AP said Nissan Motor rolled out 345,452 vehicles in March, up 14.3% year on year - its Japanese production climbed 7.0% to 155,381.

Nissan's global production for the fiscal year rose 8.2% to an all-time fiscal year record of 3.313 million vehicles, surpassing the 3 million mark for the second straight year, the report noted.

Honda global production in March totalled 320,508 vehicles, up 6.1% year on year, while production in Japan rose 2.4% for the month to 127,604 vehicles, AP said, adding that fiscal year global production climbed 8.9% to 3.257 million vehicles.

The Associated Press said global production for Mazda inched up 2.6% to 103,380 vehicles in March - its domestic output totalled 82,195 vehicles, up 10.2%, while its overseas production fell 19.1% to 21,185 vehicles.

Global production for Mitsubishi Motors dropped 11.4% to 130,602 vehicles for the 11th straight month of declines as its domestic sales and exports fell, AP said. The company's exports dropped 19.7% to 27,432 vehicles, while its overseas production edged up 1.6% to 69,889 vehicles, the report added.