Figo has been a big success for Ford India

Figo has been a big success for Ford India

Ford India said it tripled August sales year on year to 7,925 units, a 220% increase. Its previous generation Fiesta-based Figo had drawn over 34,000 orders since launch 25 weeks ago.

The automaker has sold 54,676 vehicles in India so far this year, a 195% increase.

The first shipment of Figos went to South Africa in May and the compact will be exported to 50 new markets including Mexico, North Africa and the Middle East from next year.

 "The Figo phenomenon continues, and in addition to strong sales in India, we are excited about the opportunity to export this success to other markets around the world,” said Ford India’s president and managing director Michael Boneham. 

It is ramping up efforts to provide new after sales services but also increase its network of service centers and outlets. Ford India currently has 167 dealership outlets in 97 cities.

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