Ford is to recall around 434,700 vehicles mainly in North America for two separate problems.

The first recall involves around 385,750 US-made 2001-2004 Escape compact SUVs, Reuters reported. Ford said rust in these vehicles could lead to their subframe and lower control arm becoming separated, potentially affecting steering control.

The carmaker said rusting is likely in high-corrosion surroundings, particularly those areas where salt was used on the roads to melt ice, and is recalling vehicles sold in 'snowbelt' states and some Canadian regions.

Ford is also recalling around 48,950 2013-2014 vehicles to replace seat back frames that could have been made with sub-standard welds, meaning a higher injury risk during collisions, Reuters added.

These frames were not compliant with standards set out by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The affected vehicles are Fusion, Escape, C-Max and Lincoln MKZ models.