ABN AMRO Mortgage Group's (AAMG) National Lending Center Affinity and Relocation Lending division and Ford Motor Company now offer a private-label version of mortgage.com to employees. Through its Intranet, Ford Motor Company employees can access a variety of AAMG's mortgage lending services and mortgage products at a discount, including AAMG's guaranteed OneFee(SM) mortgage.

"Ford Motor Company employees can now choose AAMG's guaranteed OneFee loan and also benefit from industry-leading mortgage servicing," said Marc Strampel, AAMG senior vice president, business development. "This time and money-saving benefit affirms Ford Motor Company's commitment to its employees."

Through the Ford Motor Company Intranet, AAMG offers employees a wide range of rates and programs with its guaranteed OneFee mortgage including interest-only, fixed-rate and adjustable-rate loans. OneFee guarantees, at the time the loan's interest rate is locked, all of the typical lender-related fees associated with obtaining a mortgage loan.

In addition to mortgage.com products available to Ford Motor Company employees at a discount, it is claimed that employees also benefit from a wide-range of mortgage tools now available via the company Intranet. Online mortgage application submission, interest rate quotes and mortgage calculators facilitate the mortgage process for Ford Motor Company employees, ultimately reducing the time and effort associated with obtaining a mortgage loan.

"Obtaining a mortgage can be a stressful and overwhelming process," Strampel added. "The goal of AAMG's Affinity and Relocation division is to work with employers to ensure a simplified mortgage process."