News junkies can get their fix in the car with voice activation now available via Ford Sync AppLink integration.

With simple voice commands, users can access, navigate, search and listen to morning and evening editions of the USA Today headline content they love in a rich audio format via a hands-free, eyes-free experience.

"Staying informed is important, and the USA Today app provides news, sports and more directly to smartphones and tablets," said Julius Marchwicki, global product manager for Ford Sync AppLink. "The USA Today app shows how smartphone apps can add convenience to the driving experience using voice control through Sync AppLink."

How it works

By voice command, drivers can tell their car, "play news story" or "listen to sports stories." Users can customise their news or opt to skip stories as well.

Drivers can hear the latest top headlines across their favourite categories such as news, money, sports, life, tech and travel. They can play, pause, skip, or go back within and between stories to customise the listening experience even further.

More than one million Ford vehicles already on the road have Sync AppLink built in. AppLink enables drivers to take advantage of their mobile data to stay connected while they keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel, Ford says.