The Heritage Motor Centre in Warwickshire will host the first Ford Motor Company centenary event in the UK this year. Hundreds of Ford car clubs and individual Ford car owners are expected to congregate at the Centre in Gaydon for the Henry Ford Day on Sunday 11 May.

Julie Tew, managing director of the Heritage Motor Centre, control of which passed to Ford when it took over Land Rover, said: "We are proud to celebrate the long history of the Ford Motor Company, particularly as 2003 is such a special year. It will be quite a spectacle to see such a wide range of Ford cars from one of the largest motor manufacturers in the world."

Attractions on the day include a special display of some of Ford's own heritage vehicles, charting the success of the company from the turn of the twentieth century to present day.

During the course of the day two 'Ford Forums' will be held. Bill Barnett who headed the Ford rally team in the 1960s and 70s will be a speaker, as will Harry Calton, formerly Ford PR and then Aston Martin PR. Stuart Turner, who was director of Ford's rally team and ran the Advanced Vehicle Operations facility at Aveley in Essex, the production base of the Ford Escort Mexico and RS models in the early 1970s, is also a guest speaker.

Throughout the day the Heritage Motor Centre cinema will be showing a selection of films from the extensive Ford film and video archive library.