Ford chief executive Alan Mulally has been quoted as saying the automaker doesn't need a partnership with another as it works to expand globally and turn around its struggling operations.

"Any kind of linkup would be a distraction," the Ford president told the Associated Press (AP) on Tuesday night ahead of media preview days at the Los Angeles motor show.

Mulally reportedly said he believes Ford will still be on its own in five years.

"Ford has tremendous assets around the world, and the most important thing Ford does is integrate Ford," he told AP.

Mulally also said Ford also isn't interested in a private equity buyout.

According to the Associated Press, Jim Farley, who became Ford's marketing chief this week after almost 20 years at Toyota, said one way for Ford to expand globally is to bring the Lincoln brand to emerging markets such as China and Russia.

Farley reportedly said he wants to "open the lid on all those stories about Ford's progress that are secrets."

"I'm really excited about that as a marketing person, because frankly, Americans love an underdog," he told the Associated Press.

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