A new technology that it is claimed can capture the carbon emissions from your car is about to be unveiled for the first time.

Origo Industries has developed a system that it says captures the CO2 from your vehicle's engine and then allows you to turn these emissions into fuel at your own home to re-power your car. The same fuel could also be used to power your house.

The system uses what is says is a 'revolutionary new approach' where CO2 is regenerated through algae in a home unit, allowing the user to produce bio-oil (up to 2500 litres per year tax-free).

Origo Industries is displaying its technology for the first time at the UK's largest Green Motor Show, Green-Car-Guide Live! 2008, sponsored by Masternaut Three X.

Green-Car-Guide Live! 2008 will take place on Thursday 12th June 2008 from 10am to 4pm at the new award-winning Arena & Convention Centre in Liverpool, England.

The forty low carbon vehicles on display will range from city cars through to executive cars and commercial vehicles. Vehicle technology will include petrol, diesel, biofuel, hybrid and electric.

The cars on display range from the brand new Ford Focus ECOnetic, through the UK's most economical 4x4, the new Subaru Legacy Outback diesel, to the Lexus LS600h, the new hybrid-power flagship of the Lexus brand, a 5 litre luxury limousine that emits just 219g/km of CO2.

Apart from production cars, there will also be a range of other green vehicles on show. There will be examples of sustainable motorsport including the Oaktec Honda Civic hybrid rally car which recently finished second in class in the British Rally Championship Jim Clark Rally, the Jenkins Motorsport 100% Biodiesel Racing Truck prepared by Fleetsolve, and the Mammoth Racing Range Rover off-road rally car that runs on engine oil made from plants.

Other exhibits of interest include a New Holland 100% Biodiesel Tractor, an electric Smart Fortwo, a 2 tonne Modec Electric Van, a Smiths Electric Vehicles Transit Van, a gas-powered HGV, an electric taxi, and a Volkswagen Caddy van that runs on gas from landfill waste.