Fiat will discuss long-delayed investments at its Mirafiori factory in coming months, CISL union leader Raffaele Bonanni said after a meeting with Fiat management.

"We will discuss investments at Mirafiori in the coming months, hoping in the meantime that the car market starts to recover," Bonanni told Reuters after the meeting.

The factory can build up to 300,000 cars per year and employs 5,000. But recently it has only been running a few days per month. Italian car sales have fallen to levels not seen in 30 years as the country is gripped by recession.

Union sources told Reuters last week that the car maker planned to build Maserati and Alfa Romeo sports utility vehicles at Mirafiori.

But Fiat chief executive Sergio Marchionne said earlier he was not yet ready to announce the company's investment programme.

Union leader Roberto di Maulo of FISMIC, who also took part in the meeting, told the news agency the announcement would be made in the first half of this year.