Fiat Auto has just become the first vehicle manufacturer in the UK to launch an engine management Electronic Control Unit (ECU) test and exchange programme.

Called the ECU Fair Exchange Programme, it is operated through Fiat Auto's 180 dealerships, which will now supply an exchange unit if a Fiat or Alfa Romeo ECU is diagnosed as faulty, following a test procedure.

On average, the programme offers exchange ECUs at 60% of new cost, which provides notable value, especially for older vehicles. The Fair Exchange programme is being launched with the majority of the model ranges already covered, and there is an ongoing programme of additions.

The company sees the benefits from this innovative programme in terms of a positive impact on warranty costs, and improved customer satisfaction by confirmation of correct diagnosis before a purchase is made.

"The after sales market opportunity for an ECU exchange programme is extensive, and the fact that Fiat Auto is the first manufacturer to offer this type of service is particularly encouraging," says Andy Hayward, Parts Marketing Manager.