The interactive website created for the New Fiat 500 has reached the milestone of 500,000 hits and 5,000,000 page views after just 50 days on-line.

Developed and produced in close cooperation by the creative team of Leo Burnett and Arc Torino, the site targets fans of the Fiat 500, and is designed to involve them in pre-marketing the new car, ahead of its launch in 2007.

Some new initiatives have also been added to the website, since its initial launch.

First, "500 ciak you" is a competition for young videomakers. Participants are invited to shoot a video of up to 90 seconds that tells the story of the 500 in a personal style, with irony, optimism and light-heartedness. The video may be shot with any kind of video-camera, cell phone or other instrument, or made as a computer animation. Prizes include, 4 Samsung Ego-cam VP-X 220L videocameras of a total value of 3,000 euros.

The second initiative is "500 faces", a game that invites visitors to interpret a detail of the 500 with a facial expression of their own choosing. Users can choose images proposed by the Fiat brand or submit, along with their interpretation, a different photo of the car that has inspired them. The most amusing photo will be chosen every 50 days. All shots chosen will go to make up an exclusive morphing screensaver.

Finally, "500 wants a mascot" has also begun. This is a competition designed to produce a mascot for the New 500. Participants can draw their inspiration from the spirit of the project "500 wants you" and try to imagine what the new car should look like. First prize is a gold ingot worth 3,000 euros.

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