What Ferrari calls "thermal incidents" have prompted the 458 Italia recall

What Ferrari calls "thermal incidents" have prompted the 458 Italia recall

Ferrari is recalling 1,248 458 Italia models following a series of fires involving the supercar.

The global recall of vehicles that have suffered what Ferrari calls "thermal incidents" will target cars produced from the beginning of this year until July - any car manufactured after that will be modified on the production line. Ferrari was closed during August.

"One [incident] was a combination of mechanical fasteners and bonding adhesives - when there is a high ambient temperature - in particular with very hot exhausts when a customer has been driving at high speed for a long time - the adhesive can melt and the wheel arch can start to deform," a Ferrari UK spokesman told just-auto.

"As a result the lining can come into close contact with the exhaust, which can cause the adhesive to start smoking or ignite and the wheel arch lining can also ignite if it rests on the exhaust."

Ferrari's modification will see the 458 fitted with a new wheel arch lining with a heat shield to be fixed entirely with mechanical fasteners and no adhesive.

The Italian producer insists the model is still safe to drive as incidents only occur at high operating temperatures.

All customers have been notified by dealers to arrange the half-day free repair, while national safety authorities such as VOSA in the UK and NHTSA in the US are also being kept informed.

The 458 Italia retails for around US$261,000.