Federal-Mogul says that its Wagner Brake brand is leading the automotive industry's rapid shift to environmentally-friendly low-copper brake pads.

More than 1m new 2014 vehicles from leading original equipment light vehicle manufacturers will be equipped with Federal-Mogul's Eco-Friction pads. In the aftermarket, Federal-Mogul recently introduced Wagner ThermoQuiet CeramicNXT brake pads featuring the first full-line offering of 2021-compliant low-copper formulations.

"As the number-one global manufacturer of friction for the total OE and replacement market, we have taken the lead in developing eco-friendly formulations that also provide improvements in overall brake pad performance," said Martin Hendricks, vice president and general manager, braking, Federal-Mogul vehicle components segment.

Recent legislation in California and Washington state has mandated that copper content in friction formulations be reduced below 5% (low-copper) by 2021. Federal-Mogul's product development is well ahead of that requirement.

Now featured in Wagner ThermoQuiet CeramicNXT pads, Federal-Mogul's new Wagner OE21 low-copper formulations are - it is claimed - 35% quieter and offer 15% more stopping power and up to 40% greater fade resistance than previous formulations.