Faurecia has announced the signing of a contract with Chrysler Group to produce HIM (high integrated modules) door modules for a vehicle platform in the United States.

The HIM module is a concept based on function integration and was patented by Faurecia.

The module is a single structural plastic part placed behind the door panel, which incorporates several mechanical functions, such as wet/dry separation, the window lift unit, the internal and external handles, the speakers, electrical harness, and other electronic components. This integration offers considerable advantages in terms of cost, weight and assembly.

"Manufacturing our HIM door modules for the Chrysler Group, allows Faurecia an opportunity to gain a significant foothold in the North American market," chairman and CEO Pierre Levi said. "In just four years, since we launched our first HIM door module, Faurecia is now considered a leader in the segment and we hope to continue our momentum moving forward."

The group's North American development centre in Auburn Hills, Michigan, has begun collaborating with colleagues in Scheuerfeld and Sontra, Germany for the development of these programmes.