Toyota's motorsport boss John Howett said that the Williams F1 team has been asked to be released from their Toyota engine contract.

"We are happy to supply Williams, they don't want our engine," he told reporters as the teams gathered for Sunday's Japanese Grand Prix.

"We have a binding agreement for next year and they have asked us to release them. Our position is that if they don't want it then fine, we are talking to other people for a supply," he added.

"If Williams want the engine, it's still available but I think now we have separated for various reasons."

Howett also denied local media reports that Toyota could quit F1 in 2010.

The budget for next season was due to be signed off at a board meeting in November, he said.

Williams is reported to be talking to Renault about a 2010 engine deal having already been snubbed by Mercedes which supplies three other teams.  Cosworth, returning to F1 in 2010, is another option for Williams.

Howett said Toyota remained capable of supplying another team without any problem and were talking to several interested parties.

"We've got more than one team asking," he said.

Four new teams are due to compete in F1 next year, taking the number to 13 confirmed entrants and 14 if BMW-Sauber's new owners are given the green light.