Mexico's vehicle industry exported 115,864 vehicles in June, down 12% from the same month last year, Reuters reported, citing the Mexican Automotive Industry Association (AMIA).

According to Reuters, the association said Mexico built 152,126 vehicles in June, down 5.6% on June 2001, and blamed low demand both at home and in the key United States market, which takes almost 80% of exports, as the main cause of the decline.

AMIA president Cesar Flores told Reuters that the drop was a reaction from manufacturers to the traditionally slower demand for cars from June to August following strong May activity in the industry.

North American holiday season and buyers waiting for 2003 models contributed to the slip in exports, Flores added, according to Reuters.

Reuters said that, despite the June fall, H1 2002 production of 929,035 units was up from H1 2001’s 928,778.

But exports have dropped from 701,288 units in H1 2001 to 676,422 this year, the report said.

Local sales, half of which are imported, were at 73,586 units in June, up from 70,028 in June 2001, Reuters said.