Experian, a global information solutions company, today announced the launch of Auto Prospect Online Credit.

Designed specifically for automotive lenders and their dealer networks, the solution helps pinpoint vehicle shoppers who are currently in the market to purchase a vehicle, then prequalify those customers for financing using credit criteria established by the lender.

Experian claims that this credit-based direct marketing tool enables lenders to drive highly targeted prospects to dealers, giving lenders an edge to forge value-added marketing partnerships with dealers.

The Experian solution can be implemented by a lender under their own brand and made available to dealers via the Internet. Dealers with access to a lender's site can launch a pre-approved direct marketing campaign by simply choosing the vehicle they plan to market, geography, mail quantity, and desired credit selects made available by the lender. Once a given campaign is initiated, mail piece fulfillment can be handled either by the lender or Experian.

"Our finance customers are looking for ways to become a lender of choice with dealerships," said Scott Waldron, president of Experian Automotive. "APO Credit can help lenders win market share by giving dealers what they want most -- qualified showroom traffic."