Peugeot's new 1007 with its twin sliding doors will not be the only four digit car from the French car maker. Expect at least a 2007 as well.

"We will use the four digit names to fill gaps in our range, " said Frédéric Saint Geours, CEO Automobiles Peugeot.

The 1007 was developed to meet what he saw as the expectations of Europe's B segment customers.

It was a "specific response to the diversification of the B segment especially by the Korean and Japanese," he said in a comment almost worthy of legendary PSA boss Jacques Calvet, known for his outspoken views on what he saw as the threat to Europe from Japanese car makers.

Europe's B segment grew by 8% last year, said Saint Geours, and accounts for 32% of Europe's overall market. "But the B segment is a very diversified market with a multiplicity of silhouettes.

"There are increasingly diverse ways of using cars as family relationships change.," he said referring to the increasing number of people choosing to live alone, as well as  single parent families.

"We now have three different offerings, the 107 which will be very affordable, genuine and modern, the 206 which is the best seller in its segment and the 1007."

The 1007 is currently being built at the rate of 200 a day at Poissy, near Paris. This will rise to a peak of 630 a day.

Sales objectives is 130,000 a year, of which one-third will be sold in France and 60% across the rest of Europe with the balance outside Europe, he said.

The 1007 goes in sale in France at the end of April and in the UK in July where prices will start at £10,850, cheaper than both the Renault Modus and Honda Jazz, the two cars singled out as the 1007's main opposition.