Water purification company Genesis Fluid Solutions Holdings has announced that Robert C. Stempel – CEO of GM in the 1990s - will join its board.

Stempel began his career as a design engineer at General Motors in 1958, was promoted to President and Chief Operating Officer in 1987 and elevated to CEO and Chairman in 1990.

He later became the CEO and Chairman of Energy Conversion Devices, where he worked with advanced nickel metal hydride batteries and thin film solar panel technology.

"In addition to Mr. Stempel's extraordinary accomplishments in the business world, his tenure as the Chairman of the Council of Great Lakes Industries will provide valuable insight into the complex problems that plague America's largest bodies of water," said Genesis Chairman Michael Hodges.

During his time as Chairman of Great Lakes Industries, Mr. Stempel coordinated industry engagement in key water quality, environmental, and policy issues.

"Serving as the Chairman of the Council of Great Lakes exposed me to the vast number of problems we face with regard to water. The Genesis technology has immense value to offer in industries involved in restoring and maintaining the physical and biological integrity of our vital water resources," said Stempel.

"During this century, the world will face a global water crisis which will impact our very livelihood. I believe the Genesis technology will be pivotal to lessening the suffering of those with limited access to water, maintaining healthy waterways and ecosystems, and reducing the negative economic impact for governments, consumers, and industry."