European vehicle manufacturers are seeking a unified position on the EU's proposed CO2 emissions legislation by the end of April.

Members of ACEA, the European vehicle manufacturers association, are currently at odds with one another over how the legislation should shape up. German manufacturers have called for variable limits for different segments of vehicle, while French and Italian manufacturers would be prepared for average limits for all vehicles from the same company.

According to Automotive News Europe, ACEA members met on 7 March to agree a strategy. They plan to meet again before the end of the month and have set themselves a deadline of 30 April for an agreement to be reached.

The European Commission is expected to take the most of this year to conduct an impact study into the effects of its proposed limits of an average of 130g CO2 per vehicle by 2012. If vehicle manufacturers want to influence the outcome of the study they need to adopt a united front.

The European Commission wants average CO2 emissions to fall a further 10g to 120g CO2 per vehicle by 2012 with the help of fuel suppliers, infrastructure providers, and measures such as eco-driving and tyre pressure monitoring.