European commercial vehicles sales were up 9.8% year on year in February.

According to data from the European vehicle manufacturers' trade association, ACEA, light commercial vehicle registrations in the 27 countries of Europe were up 7.5% year on year.

January had seen a slight decrease in registrations. Sales in western Europe (EU15 + EFTA) were up 5.2% while sales in the new member states rose 32.2%.

Of the main markets, only Spain recorded fewer registrations than last year (-8.3%). The four others all posted growth, from 4.1% in the UK and 4.3% in France to 14.1% in Italy and 28.7% in Germany.

France continued to register the largest number of vans (39,947), followed by Italy (21,364) and Spain (19,119). Amongst the new member states, the Czech Republic and Poland, with over 4,500 vans each, accounted for more than half of the registrations in the region (17,822), followed by Romania, which had 2,756 registrations, Slovakia (2,062) and Hungary (1,638).

In the medium and heavy trucks category, demand in the whole of Europe grew 19.9%. Growth in western Europe was almost on a par with eastern Europe at 19.8% and 20.5% respectively.

Germany was the largest truck market in February, registering 8,126 units, up 14.6% year on year. The UK posted the strongest growth with a 58.2% increase. Poland remained the biggest market in the new member states, recording 2,527 new vehicles in February, 21.4% more than in the same month in 2007.

In western Europe, registrations of new buses and coaches were 21.4% higher than in February 2007. Of the five main markets, only Spain reported fewer registrations than last year (-8%). The UK was the biggest with 625 vehicles registered. a 61.9% increase. Of the new member states, Romania remained the major market for buses and coaches despite a 14.9% decrease in February registrations.

YTD bus and coach registrations showed a slight decrease in the new member states (-3%) but a 16% increase in western Europe.