Volkswagen Group said it lost production of several hundred vehicles at the weekend following a power outage at its Wolfsburg plant in Germany.

The company is still trying to find the cause of the power failure which resulted in the loss of more production than originally thought.

The outage affecting generators at Wolfsburg occurred early on Saturday and lasted for several hours, also affecting adjacent parts of the northern German city.

VW is running extra shifts in Wolfsburg during the first quarter to cope with demand for the latest-generation Golf and the Tiguan compact SUV.

The carmaker initially thought it has lost production of about 100 cars but said the figure is now estimated to be a lot higher. Wolfsburg is the biggest plant in VW's global network, employing more than 50,000 workers and assembling up to 3,800 cars a day.

Last year VW sold 9.7m vehicles and plans a "moderate" increase in 2014.