Dow Kokam says it will supply advanced lithium-ion battery systems to Safra, a hybrid bus manufacturer in France.

Dow Kokam will provide battery system solutions to Safra's Businova - an urban bus with a multi-hybrid engine that draws from three energy sources: an electric engine, a hydraulic motor and combustion engine that work together to power the vehicle.

The propulsion system reduces the consumption of diesel by more than 55% compared to conventional buses claims the company. The Businova will begin test operations in the French towns of Albi and Toulouse starting in 2012.

"Safra has unveiled a revolutionary product with its multi-hybrid system that will combine electric, hydraulic and combustion engines reducing emissions dramatically while providing a solution that will save bus operators in Europe time and costs," said Dow Kokam vice president Jean Francois Herchin.

"Dow Kokam provides Safra leading battery system solutions, reliable supply and European-based sales and service aimed at supporting Safra in its growth plans with Businova as well as further product expansions."

Dow Kokam will supply both a 105 kWh hour lithium-ion battery system and a 35 kWh auxiliary battery system to power the Businova's e-motor.

"Safra partnered with Dow Kokam to power our multi-hybrid engine because of its ten years proven lithium-ion battery technology [and] reliability," said Safra president Vincent Lemaire.