A Fiat union is waiting to see if three sacked employees at the Melfi plant will be allowed to resume work today (23 August).

Union officials from Fiat's FIOM labour representatives are currently outside the gates of the Melfi plant in Southern Italy where the three will try to start the 14:00 shift.

The plant is reopening today after the two-week summer holiday with FIOM maintaining the three redundant workers - two of whom are FIOM shop stewards - are "innocent".

It is unclear why the workers were dismissed but FIOM insists Fiat must re-employ the three. "They are innocent and so the company must take these back," a FIOM spokesman outside the Melfi plant told just-auto.

"The company has said it will pay those workers as if they were working but will not allow them to go in the plant. The three will try to enter the factory today."

Fiat was not immediately available for comment.