The 2013 Detroit show  - officially the North American International Auto Show or NAIAS - will be held about a week later than 2012's "to keep some distance between the holidays" and opening, organisers said.

The show, at Cobo Center in Detroit, will run from 14-27 January 2013 starting, as usual, with two press days.

NAIAS chairman Jim Seavitt said the show would begin a week later in 2013 to move away from the Christmas/New Year holidays "making it more convenient for journalists and auto industry executives who travel from around the world to participate in the show".

"Each year our dates move up one day on the calendar so every five or six years, we need to make an adjustment, and push the show back one week," said Seavitt. "We do our best to keep some distance between the holidays and our opening, and many people have expressed appreciation for that."

This year the show ran from 9-22 January.