Denso is remaining tight-lipped concerning reports it could have voluntarily given information about alleged price-fixing for components in Japan.

Media speculation in Japan has raised the issue of whether or not Denso has co-operated with the Japan Fair Trade Commission (JFTC) in exchange for a reduction in what could be a significant financial penalty.

"We have seen the reports in the media, but obviously we don't comment," a Denso spokesman in Holland told just-auto. "Depending on where the investigation goes, we might come with a statement - it is safe to say not this week."

"We acknowledge we are working together with the Japan Fair Trade Commission and fully facilitating their investigation."

Mitsubishi has also confirmed it was being looked at by the JFTC as a result of what it described as "suspected infractions" of the anti-monopoly act regarding sales of certain automotive equipment.

Searches by the JFTC took place at Mitsubishi's company headquarters in Tokyo, its Chubu branch in Aichi prefecture and several sales offices.

The Northville office of Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America in Michigan was also searched by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on 19 July in relation to an inquiry regarding automotive equipment. Mitsubishi Electric said it was "fully cooperating" with the investigations.

Reports indicate up to seven large automotive components manufacturers are being investigated, although this has not yet been confirmed.

The Japanese speculation indicates the JFTC could reduce penalties for up to five companies that voluntarily declare potential price-fixing, with the first company to outline details being exempted.