Delphi Automotive Systems (NYSE: DPH) will showcase several automotive innovations at the Mondial de l'Automobile 2000.

ISS Concept Vehicle

A concept vehicle will be equipped with many of Delphi's Integrated Safety System(C) (ISS) current and near-term technologies.

ISS is designed to provide occupants with enhanced protection throughout the entire driving experience. Delphi's ISS considers the driving experience through five distinct driving "states": normal, warning, collision-avoidable, collision-unavoidable and post-event. Each of these "states" is designed to help protect occupants while riding or driving Delphi ISS-equipped vehicles.

Mobile MultiMedia Volkswagen CM2 Vehicle

The Volkswagen Mobile MultiMedia Clinic Passat is one of the most advanced Mobile MultiMedia concept vehicles ever produced and will demonstrate a host of Delphi technologies offering features and functions that include: navigation, TV, rear-seat entertainment, Internet access, e-mail, speech recognition, text-to-speech voice synthesis, hands-free cellular telephone and personal digital assistant connection.

Windstar Split Van Display

In the consumer area of the stand, Delphi will display several of its customer convenience technologies on a Ford Windstar minivan, including Delphi's Power Sliding Door with an optional dropping glass feature; Power Liftgate; a center console with heated/cooled storage bin; and a hydrographics process steering wheel.

Also, the Windstar will be equipped with Delphi's Communiport(R) Integrated Navigation Radio which integrates full-map navigation capabilities with a CD-ROM player and an AM/FM radio to offer multiple functions in one compact unit.

In addition, the Windstar will display the Communiport(R) Mobile Productivity Center (MPC) - a unique technology developed by Delphi that docks and synchronizes a Palm V(TM) handheld personal digital assistant in a vehicle.

Environment and Fuel Economy Display Area

In the environment section, Delphi will highlight the following technologies:

  • Diesel Common Rail fuel injection system. This technology is designed to make diesel engines more desirable to customers by providing a quieter, cleaner-running diesel engine with more power and improved fuel economy over traditional diesel systems.

  • Energen(TM) 5 Stop-Start Systems. This product helps bring more energy and improved fuel economy to the vehicle by enabling an engine-off condition when the car is temporarily stationary.

  • E*STEER(TM) Electric Power Steering System. E*STEER(TM) improves fuel economy by eliminating the parasitic load of hydraulic steering pumps on the engine. It also eliminates the power steering pump, hoses, hydraulic fluids, drive belt and pulley leaving less to recycle.

  • INTELLEK(TM). The INTELLEK Oil Condition Sensor helps inform motorists when engine oil is nearing the end of its service life. It helps to extend oil life and reduce waste oil and expense.

    Aftermarket "Garage of the Future"

    Delphi is displaying a section devoted to an advanced "garage of the future" concept, which shows an integrated high technology service and diagnostic center for diesel injection, brake, clutch, air conditioning and other automotive systems.

    Delphi Aftermarket Operations studied how independent service specialists can adapt their businesses to benefit from the next generation of sophisticated engine management systems and on-board diagnostics.

    Using this information, Delphi's Aftermarket team looked at the advanced requirements for diesel, clutch, braking and air conditioning businesses, and produced a vision of an integrated service center for the future. The result is a new type of workshop, which will make diagnosing, servicing and repairing vehicles a more consistent and reliable process for Delphi's aftermarket partners.

    To support the "Garage of the Future" concept, a virtual reality program has been produced to give life to the full process from customer scheduling online through diagnosis, product sourcing, repair and billing. Delphi's vision of the garage of the future will also incorporate training programs, interactive technical assistance, and specialized diagnostic routines.

    Many of the concepts being developed for the Garage of the Future will be available within the next twelve months, including: a garage portal website; a Windows-based garage management system; a new generation of electronic diagnostic tools that will include an interface for the new European on-board diagnostics systems; a new diesel workshop standard capable of dealing with the latest Delphi Common Rail systems; and the integration of air conditioning fitment and service into a new Delphi-supported scheme for independent garages.

    Multi-national Delphi Automotive Systems, with headquarters in Troy, Mich., USA, Paris, Tokyo and Sao Paulo, Brazil, is a world leader in mobile electronics and transportation components and systems technology. Delphi's three business sectors -- Dynamics & Propulsion; Safety, Thermal & Electrical Architecture; and Electronics & Mobile Communication -- provide comprehensive product solutions to complex customer needs. Delphi has approximately 216,000 employees and operates 179 wholly owned manufacturing sites, 41 joint ventures, 53 customer centers and sales offices and 31 technical centers in 39 countries. Delphi can be found on the Internet at